Dax, Jadzia (Terry Farrell). Starfleet science officer assigned to Deep Space 9 in 2369, shortly after Starfleet took over the station. Jadzia Dax was a member of the Trill joined species. (“Emissary” [DS9]). Jadzia had wanted to become a host to a Trill symbiont since she was a child and worked very hard at winning the honor. Neither of her parents nor her sister underwent symbiosis. (“Invasive Procedures” [DS9]). Before joining with the Dax (symbiont), Jadzia was a brilliant but shy young woman. She did extremely well in the initiate program, winning Premier Distinctions in exobiology, zoology, astrophysics, and exoarchaeology (“Dax” [DS9]), and even won a third-level pilot certificate. Nevertheless, her training under Curzon Dax, her field docent, went poorly, and Curzon recommended she be rejected for joining. Curzon’s harsh evaluation helped Jadzia realize she needed to find her purpose in life before she could be a successful Trill host. (“Playing God” [DS9]). Jadzia did not realize that the reason for Curzon’s harshness was the fact that he was in love with her, a most inappropriate situation given their teacher-student relationship. (“Facets” [DS9]). Curzon felt guilty over his treatment of Jadzia, and later consented for her to become the Dax symbiont’s next host upon his death in 2367. (“Playing God” [DS9]). As Jadzia, Dax had been a close friend of Benjamin Sisko, but she noted that such friendships are often difficult to maintain when a Trill has a new host, particularly one of a different gender. (“Emissary” [DS9]). As is characteristic of Trills, Dax’s hands are cold. (“A Man Alone” [DS9]). Although Jadzia believed she was Dax’s seventh host, she learned in 2371 of a previously unknown joining. This deeply held secret was revealed when Jadzia began experiencing vivid hallucinations and a dangerous drop in her isoboramine levels. These symptoms were found to have been caused by the deterioration of a memory block created by the Trill Symbiosis Commission in 2285 in hopes of suppressing knowledge of the existence of Joran Dax. (“Equilibrium” [DS9]). Jadzia and her friends subsequently agreed to keep Joran Dax’s existence a secret. In 2370 Jadzia almost died when a Trill named Verad briefly stole her symbiont. (“Invasive Procedures” [DS9]). Later that year, Jadzia honored Curzon’s blood oath of vengeance against the Albino and accompanied Kor, Kang, and Koloth to Secarus IV to kill him. She battled the Albino, but could not bring herself to kill him. (“Blood Oath” [DS9]). As an attractive woman, Dax drew the attentions of many men, including Dr. Julian Bashir. Dax considered herself above such interests, although she once admitted that she thought Morn was cute. (“Progress” [DS9]). Captain Boday was once her lover. (“Let He Who Is Without Sin…” [DS9]). As of 2369, Dax had been attempting to master the Altonian brain teaser for 140 years. (“A Man Alone” [DS9]). Jadzia Dax liked icoberry juice, but drinking it always made her spots itch. (“Let He Who Is Without Sin…” [DS9]). Jadzia was regarded by her friends as something of a night owl. (“Playing God” [DS9]). She often threw surprise birthday parties for her friends at Deep Space 9. (“Distant Voices” [DS9]). Jadzia had several hobbies, including Galeo-Manada style wrestling, and collecting the music of lost composers. She and Ben Sisko played Earth chess together. Jadzia enjoyed the game of tongo. Perhaps as a result of the Dax symbiont’s many lifetimes of experience, Jadzia Dax disliked what she regarded as blind compliance to society’s norms, and she occasionally enjoyed indulging in “inappropriate” behavior (such as playing tongo) for its shock value. Like Curzon, she had great fondness for Klingon food and Klingon music. (“Playing God” [DS9]). She enjoyed playing practical jokes on her colleagues. On several occasions in early 2372, she broke into Odo’s quarters while he was regenerating, and moved all of his furniture very slightly, just to annoy him. (“Homefront” [DS9]). Dax learned a great deal about her past in 2371 when she underwent her zhian’tara ceremony. In the zhian’tara, a Trill’s friends embody the personalities of the symbiont’s earlier hosts, giving the joined Trill the opportunity to meet his or her earlier selves. (“Facets” [DS9]). SEE: Dax (symbiont). When Jadzia Dax was reunited with Lenara Kahn in 2372, the two felt a great desire to continue the relationship started by their previous hosts, Torias Dax and Nilani Kahn. Though Jadzia felt strongly enough to go against Trill taboo, Lenara didn’t wish to risk exile for reassociatig with Dax. Lenara Kahn returned to Trill to continue her work. (“Rejoined” [DS9]). SEE: reassociation. Jadzia found herself strongly attracted to Strategic Operations Officer Worf. Dax’s familarity with Klingon culture was helpful in winning his attentions in 2373, although the process proved hazardous to both. (“Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places” [DS9]). Jadzia Dax was first seen in “Emissary” (DS9). Addendum: Starfleet science officer assigned to station Deep Space 9. In late 2373, Worf and Jadzia became engaged to be married, just as the Dominion war was beginning. Jadzia, worried that Worf might welcome the glorious death that war might offer, insisted on the engagement so that Worf would have a good reason to keep himself alive. (“Call to Arms” [DS9]). Following the reassignment of Benjamin Sisko as Admiral Ross’s adjutant in 2374, Dax served as captain of the Starship Defiant, conducting many hazardous missions against the Dominion. (“Behind the Lines” [DS9]). Jadzia’s father’s name was Kela. In 2374, on stardate 51247.5, Worf and Dax were married in a traditional Klingon wedding ceremony on Deep Space 9, at which time Dax was accepted into the House of Martok. (“You Are Cordially Invited” [DS9]). SEE: Bre’Nan ritual. Jadzia was deeply in love with Worf, and hoped to raise a family with him. That dream was shattered in late 2374 when Dax was mortally wounded by a Pah-wraith inhabiting the body of Gul Dukat. Station medical personnel were successful in removing the Dax symbiont for transplantation, but Jadzia died shortly thereafter. (“Tears of the Prophets” [DS9]). Worf took Jadzia’s death very hard. (“Image in the Sand” [DS9]). He found some measure of comfort in the fact that General Martok allowed him to command a dangerous mission to Monac IV, where he won a great victory in Jadzia’s name, guaranteeing her entry into Sto- Vo-Kor. (“Shadows and Symbols” [DS9]). Jadzia Dax’s last appearance was in “Tears of the Prophets.”