Sisko, Jake (Cirroc Lofton). Son of Benjamin Sisko and Jennifer Sisko. Born in 2355, he lost his mother on the U.S.S. Saratoga during the battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. Jake came to live on station Deep Space 9 when his father took command of the facility in 2369. (“Emissary” [DS9]). On Deep Space 9, Jake befriended young Nog, with whom he created a fictitious company, the Noh-Jay Consortium, for their ingenious “business” dealings. (“Progress” [DS9]). Jake did well in his studies, and even tutored a young woman, Mardah, in entomology. Jake and Mardah, a dabo girl who worked at Quark’s bar, became attracted to each other, to the consternation of Ben Sisko. Jake enjoyed playing dom-jot, becoming quite skilled at the game. (“Playing God” [DS9, “The Abandoned” [DS9]). Although Ben Sisko hoped that Jake would follow in his footsteps, becoming a Starfleet officer, Jake’s passion was as a writer. (“The Abandoned” [DS9]). In 2370, Jake told his father he didn’t want to attend Starfleet Academy. (“Shadowplay” [DS9]). Once Jake realized that he did not want to pursue a career in Starfleet, he began to flourish as a writer. He was accepted to the prestigious Pennington School on Earth in 2371, and was even offered a writing fellowship. Jake nevertheless deferred admission, remaining instead with his father on Deep Space 9. (“Explorers” [DS9]). Jake wrote his first novel in 2372, a semi-autobiographial work called Anslem. Jake’s writing was inspired by a woman named Onaya, who was in reality a noncorporeal life-form who literally lived on creative energy. Although Onaya’s influence was potentially fatal, Jake’s father recognized her threat to his son, and drove her away. (“The Muse” [DS9]). During the following year, Jake wrote a story called “Past Prologue.” (“The Ascent” [DS9]). In 2372, Jake traveled aboard the Starship Defiant to the Gamma Quadrant on a mission to observe a subspace inversion of the Bajoran wormhole. During the mission, his father was involved in an engine-room accident. (Sisko’s apparent death was devastating to the young Jake, who never fully accepted the loss. In subsequent years, Benjamin Sisko would periodically reappear to Jake for a few minutes at a time. Jake, who had become a successful author with his books Anslem and Collected Stories, became obsessed with learning what happened to his father. He abandoned his writing career and studied physics. In doing so, he estranged his wife, Korena. With the help of his old friends aboard the Defiant, Jake learned that in the accident, a subspace link had been created between him and his father. Periodically, the link would pull Ben Sisko forward into Jake’s time, accounting for Ben’s mysterious appearances. After several decades, Jake sacrificed his life at a critical moment so that his father could return to the past and avert the disastrous accident aboard the Defiant. In doing so, Jake excised this future timeline, so that his younger self could grow up without losing his father. In Jake’s alternate future, by 2405, the Federation had abandoned station Deep Space 9 to Klingon control, while Bajor had entered into a mutual defense pact with Cardassia against the Klingons. Julian Bashir had a family and children; Nog had become a Starfleet captain; Morn owned Quark’s bar; while Quark himself had retired to a small moon.) (“The Visitor” [DS9]). In 2373, Jake accompanied Dr. Julian Bashir to planet Ajilon Prime to help at an emergency hospital during a Klingon attack. At Ajilon Prime, Jake Sisko experienced the horrors of war firsthand and learned of the fine line between courage and cowardice. (“Nor the Battle to the Strong” [DS9]). A few months later, Jake moved out of his father’s quarters and became roommates with Starfleet Academy cadet Nog, who had returned to Deep Space 9 for field-study duty. (“The Ascent” [DS9]). Jake sometimes babysat for Lieutenant Vilix’pran’s chidren. (“Business As Usual” [DS9]). A younger Jake Sisko was played by Thomas Hobson for flashback scenes in “Emissary” (DS9). Older Jake in “The Visitor” (DS9) was portrayed by Tony Todd, who also played Worf’s brother, Kurn. Jake Sisko was first seen in “Emissary” (DS9). Addendum: Son of Starfleet officer and Bajoran religious figure Benjamin Sisko. In late 2373 Jake Sisko became an official correspondent for the Federation News Service. He reported on events on station Deep Space 9 during the Dominion war, even risking his life by remaining on the station after the Federation withdrew from the facility. (“Call to Arms” [DS9]). Jake later sold a book of stories about life on Deep Space 9 under Dominion rule to the Federation News Service. (“You Are Cordially Invited” [DS9]). Jake and his grandfather, Joseph, accompanied Ben Sisko on an expedition to Tyree in early 2375 to find the Orb of the Emissary. (“Image in the Sand” [DS9]).