La Forge, Geordi (LeVar Burton). Chief engineer aboard the Starship Enterprise -D. Born blind in 2335 because of a birth defect, La Forge wore a remarkable device called a VISOR that permitted him to see with greater clarity than other humans could. Geordi La Forge came from a family of Starfleet officers. His mother, Silva La Forge, was captain of the U.S.S. Hera at the time of her death in 2370 (“Interface” [TNG]), and his father was an exobiologist. Geordi recalled that, even though he moved around a great deal, he considered his childhood a great adventure. (“Imaginary Friend” [TNG]). La Forge did not receive his VISOR until after his fifth birthday. (“Hero Worship” [TNG]). Geordi was caught in a fire when he was five years old. He was rescued by his parents, and was not injured. Geordi recalled how for a time after the incident it was extremely important for him to know where his parents were at all times. (“Hero Worship” [TNG]). Geordi had a pet Circassian cat when he was eight. (“Violations” [TNG]). Possibly because his parents traveled so much when he was a child, Geordi had something of a knack for languages. One such language was Hahliian. (“Aquiel” [TNG]). Geordi La Forge graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2357. (“The Next Phase” [TNG]). One of La Forge’s first Starfleet assignments was as shuttle pilot for the Jovian run between Jupiter and Saturn. (“Chain of Command, Part II” [TNG]). La Forge first met Captain Picard when La Forge piloted Picard’s shuttle on an inspection tour. During the tour, Picard made an offhanded remark about a minor inefficiency in the shuttle’s engines, and La Forge subsequently stayed up all night to repair the problem. Picard was so impressed with the incident that he requested La Forge be assigned to the Enterprise -D in 2364. (“The Next Phase” [TNG]). La Forge later served as an ensign on the U.S.S. Victory under the command of Captain Zimbata. (“Elementary, Dear Data” [TNG]). One of Geordi’s closest friends on that ship was Lieutenant Susanna Leijten. In 2362, both La Forge and Leijten participated in an away mission to planet Tarchannen III. It was later realized that all members of that away team were infected by an alien DNA strand that would, if unchecked, compel them to return to Tarchannen III, where they would be transformed into a native Tarchannen life-form. La Forge was saved from the transformation in 2367 by Leijten’s actions and medical intervention by Enterprise -D CMO Crusher. (“Identity Crisis” [TNG]). La Forge transferred to the Enterprise -D as flight controller (conn) in 2364. (“Encounter at Farpoint, Parts I and II” [TNG]). Geordi was promoted to full lieutenant and assigned as U.S.S. Enterprise -D chief engineer the following year, just prior to stardate 42073.1. (“The Child” [TNG]). Although brilliantly proficient as a starship engineer, La Forge had difficulty building relationships with women. Perhaps as a result, Geordi developed an attachment to a holographic representation of Enterprise -D designer Leah Brahms. (“Booby Trap” [TNG]). The real Dr. Brahms was outraged to learn of this simulation, noting that creating such a replica without her permission was an invasion of privacy. Brahms did eventually become friends with La Forge, although Geordi was disappointed to learn that Leah was already married. (“Galaxy’s Child” [TNG]). La Forge was promoted to lieutenant commander in early 2366. (“Evolution” [TNG]). Because of his VISOR interface, Geordi was a perfect candidate to test an experimental interface device. He used the device in 2370, in an attempt to rescue the crew of the U.S.S. Raman. During the rescue, Geordi encountered what appeared to be his mother, Silva La Forge, aboard the Raman. Geordi was at first convinced his mother’s ship was actually trapped in the atmosphere, but later realized the experience was an attempt by the Marijne VII beings to communicate. Though he was unable to save his mother, the incident gave him the opportunity to say good-bye to her. (“Interface” [TNG]). After the destruction of the Enterprise -D, La Forge accepted an assignment as chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise -E when it was launched in 2372. By stardate 50893, Geordi had been given ocular implants that replaced his VISOR. Although the implants were much smaller than his VISOR, they still afforded La Forge a wide range of sensory information. (Star Trek: First Contact). The name of Geordi’s mother was listed as Alvera K. La Forge on Geordi’s death certificate, seen in “The Next Phase” (TNG), but was established as Silva La Forge in “Interface” (TNG). His father (played by Ben Vereen) was seen in that episode, but no first name was established for him, although his biographical screen seen in “Conundrum” (TNG) suggested it might be Edward M. La Forge. Geordi La Forge, whose first appearance was in “Encounter at Farpoint” (TNG), was named in memory of the late, disabled Star Trek fan George La Forge. Addendum: Chief engineer aboard the Starship Enterprise -E. The rejuvenating effects of the Ba’ku planet temporarily regenerated La Forge’s optic nerves, eliminating his need for optic implants. He found “normal” sight limiting. (Star Trek: Insurrection).