Troi, Deanna (Marina Sirtis). Counselor aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise -D under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (“Encounter at Farpoint” [TNG]). Daughter of Lwaxana Troi and Ian Andrew Troi, Deanna was betrothed to Wyatt Miller through the Betazoid custom of genetic bonding when they were both children. Deanna and Wyatt never married, though, because Wyatt chose to join the last surviving Tarellians in search of a cure for the Tarellian plague. (“Haven” [TNG]). When she was growing up, Deanna did not know that she had an older sister, Kestra Troi, who died when Deanna was only an infant. (“Dark Page” [TNG]). Deanna’s father used to read her heroic stories about the ancient American West on planet Earth, and she remained fond of these stories into her adulthood. (“A Fistful of Datas” [TNG]). SEE: Ancient West; Durango. Troi studied psychology at the University of Betazed prior to her joining Starfleet. (“Tin Man” [TNG]). While a psychology student on Betazed, Troi became romantically involved with Lieutenant William T. Riker. (“Ménage r Troi” [TNG]). Troi had hopes of a serious commitment between the two, but Riker’s career plans took him away to an assignment aboard the U.S.S. Potemkin. (“Encounter at Farpoint” [TNG], “Second Chances” [TNG]). Troi graduated from the academy (possibly having taken classes on Betazed) in 2359. (“Conundrum” [TNG]). Troi was once involuntarily impregnated by an unknown noncorporeal life-form. Troi named the child Ian Andrew Troi, after her late father. (“The Child” [TNG]). (In an alternate quantum reality visited by Worf in 2370, Troi and Worf were married, and in another, the two were married and had two children. It was perhaps the knowledge that the two of them had a romantic relationship in other quantum universes that lead Worf to pursue such a relationship in his own universe.) (“Parallels” [TNG]). Troi suffered a brief loss of her empathic powers in 2367 from proximity to a newly discovered group of two-dimensional creatures. Although Troi found the loss disconcerting, she was pleased to discover that she could still function as ship’s counselor without her Betazoid abilities. (“The Loss” [TNG]). Counselor Troi assumed temporary command of the Enterprise -D on stardate 45156 when the ship was disabled from collision with two quantum filaments. Troi, who held the rank of lieutenant commander, was the senior officer on the bridge at the time. (“Disaster” [TNG]). She later undertook the field training program for advancement to the rank of commander. She passed the Bridge Officer Exam and was promoted to full commander on stardate 47611. (“Thine Own Self” [TNG]). Troi said she never met a chocolate she didn’t like. (“The Price” [TNG], “The Game” [TNG]). In 2370, Troi was assigned as liaison officer for Iyaaran ambassador Loquel. Troi commented that the ambassador had tested even her limits for chocolate. (“Liaisons” [TNG]). Deanna Troi was first seen in “Encounter at Farpoint” (TNG). Marina Sirtis originally auditioned for the part of Natasha Yar and was almost cast for the part, but Gene Roddenberry decided at the last moment to switch the roles of Yar and Troi between Sirtis and Denise Crosby.