Welcome to the world of Star Trek. Star Trek Armada is the first real-time strategy (thereinafter RTS) game from the world of Star Trek. Armada is based ob the classic RTS style as Dune 2. So you have to dig resources, build structures and units. The whole game is situated in the universe. The environment is full 3D space, so we can free rotate the camera in all direction and also zoom. There is a also s special cinematic view, it is an automatic 3D camera, that moves the screen always to the action in the battlefield. The resolution is up to 1280x1024 supported, but only with high performance 3D cards.


The story begins where DS9 (the TV show) ends. After the war between Dominion and the whole Alpha quadrant, the Dominion is defeated. But the peace is not long enough, already there is a new greater threat as the Dominion were. Armada begins, when a federation outpost receive a transwarp signature. And Capt. Picard already knows, that the greater enemy of the federations returns . The Borg. Armada contains Single player mode and Multiplayer mode. Single player mode consists of 4 campaigns (Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg) and 1 final campaign. Beside these races, there are also Ferengi, Jem. Hadar, Cardasians, Species 8479, Breen, etc. Each race uses their own vessels and each vessel has besides the standard weapons also some special weapons.


The main characters are: the crew of USS Enterprise-E (Picard, LaForge, Data, Crusher, Riker, etc.), Worf as the commander of the USS Defiant, then General Martok, Admiral Sheila and of course Locutus. All the sounds are supported by EAX and A3D, so it. s such as in a cinema. The character voices are originally from the actors. Armada has also the original music by Alexander Courage. What to say to the end? I think, that Armada is one of today. s greatest RTS. For Trekkies it is a necessity and for the other a good RTS.

Name: Star Trek Armada
Manufacturer: Activision
Official site: www.st-armada.com
Minimum requirements: Pentium II 266 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 600 MB HDD, 3D not required
Recommended: Pentium II 350 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 600 MB HDD, 16 MB 3D card
Size: 1 CD
Score: 95 %